Brandzbee stands for Engineering communications. Every Brand has a story - it's our job to tell it via website, content, digital & social media backed by PR. Sales & Marketing maybe the bottom line, but risk management also plays a key role in enhancing the image of the organization.

Brandzbee is making headways in customised web enabled services & solutions in the ares of websites design & development, digital marketing, Android apps, software applications,Events,ERP SoftwareS & Public Relations. This company has been Successful ever since its inocorporation creating a niche for itself with web based activities being a part of IT industry based in Mumbai, India.

Every Brand has a story - We narrate it !

The global scenario is an ever shrinking group for growing opportunities and chances of adjudications. It accounts for unwanted exploiting at various price levels with respect to varied differences in the larger markets defying the basic laws of economic growth. As the marketplace becomes ever smaller, there are always opportunities for arbitrage - exploiting price differences between markets. The outsourcing model is just that: exploiting the differences in the costs of production between two markets. Brandzbee offers a very distinct service namely its ability to execute all operations and services at a very competitive cost for all content, meaningful communication also maintaining the set standards of design and timely delivery. Enjoy the price advantage along with peace of mind of expecting a well time, well executed work allotted.


- Digital space for everyone !


- Ethical working
- Total comprehension of brief
- Engineering Communications
- Unique and practical solutions
- Competitive edge over pricing
- Timely delivery & peace of mind


- Adapt quickly
- Believe in Teamwork
- Listen ere communications
- Build the strongest foundations
- Produces Brands that lasts forever
- Maintain close human relationships

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2. Sketch
3. Design
4. Develop
5. Test
6. Launch

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